Parma still maintains the style of a small capital which has been for centuries: his past as a ducal town is evident not only in its urban environment, but especially in the natural ease and elegance of the lifestyle of the city. Exhibitions and museums appreciated across the border, high level theater and opera production, international level university, are the territory of Parma with a strong capacity of attraction. Hinge between the Po valley and the Tyrrhenian Sea, between Lombardy and Emilia, Parma Province reveals dynamic and hardworking, proud to be deservedly called "Food Valley".


Agriculture, industry, commerce, trade, tourism, spa and services are typical of this area. The brilliant economic development that has characterized the province over the past decade is its condition in a lively production, characterized by a dense network of small businesses and a considerable use of advanced technologies, as well as a strong tradition of food. There has always been working hard focusing on high quality and you are rewarded by markets around the world show their appreciation ham, parmesan, pasta, milk and tomatoes, as well as the manufacturing technologies that ensure quality.



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